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Theatre Applied - The Centre for Performance & Social Practice

Welcome to Central's Research Centres

Research taking place within the Theatre Applied Centre extends contemporary enquiry and interrogates performance-based work that focuses on and around social practices.

Comprising an eclectic field of theatre practice, this privileges work where drama is used for, with and by people in a range of different settings, frequently outside theatres.

It is intended to activate shifts or changes in participants through performance-related practices in a range of community, health, social, therapeutic or education settings. Alternatively, work might emanate from theatre and be disseminated into social settings with impacts beyond its original context.

It has two particular intentions:

  • to develop new practices and thinking in this field encouraging cross- and inter-disciplinary explorations
  • to research manifestations of performance, theatre, drama in 'real world' contexts, in connection with our near industries.

The centre captures current and emerging research undertaken by staff and research students at Central and 'houses' funded research projects. It is intended, also, as a resource for international and national scholars with a particular interest in this area of work.


Research Areas

Exemplar themes and questions:

Gender: what are the possibilities and problematics of inter-generational and inter-identity projects that focus on gender, sex and sexual orientation?

Trauma: what is the dramaturgy of trauma?

Place: how is place performed by, for example, those with translocated biographies?

Social Exclusion: what are the contradictions of neoliberalism in theatre and social exclusion?

Aesthetics and participatory practice: what are the intersections between ideas of aesthetic quality and experiential learning?